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Default Re: HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Great Show!!!!

But Nucky, Rothstein, Luciano, Torrio, and Capone are all partners in real life.

They are part of the Seven Group - The most powerful bootlegers on the east coast

- Luciano/Costello in manhattan

- Lasnky/Siegel Enforcement

- Adonis - Brooklyn

- Waxey Gordon/Nig Rosen in Philadelphia

- Zwillman - Northern NJ

- Torrio (Retired from Chicago, replaced by Capone) as Adviser

- Nucky (Johnson his real name) in Atlantic City

I know this took place before the Seven Group....but the way they are portraying looks likes they would not even partner up at all in the future.

The Seven Group will be the early formation of the National Crime Syndicate in the 1930s. Luciano, Capone, Lansky and other mob legends will also have the famous Atlantic City Conference in 1928 Hosted by Nucky himself.

By the 1930s,

Lucky Luciano will become the Chairman and Founder of the American Mafia

Meyer Lansky will become the Great Mafia Brain

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