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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Honestly, this is just terrible casting for the box office. I pray people see him as just an actor and not the liberal nutball activist he's become. Marvel really flubbed this one up without question. Redford is already taking more heat for his latest movie where they pay tribute to the Weather Underground homegrown terrorist movement. That is NOT going away any time soon.

Trust me, this casting will really hurt the film.
Taking heat from who? Fox News? *There's* a shock.

And you make it sound like "liberal nutball activist" is a hobby he just recently picked up. He's been an up-front outspoken political activist since the 1960s, and his politics haven't hurt *any* of the dozens of movies he's been part of for the last 50 years.

Trust me: no one needs to trust you about this at all.


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