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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
so you are saying vaughn and singer decided the script needed to have wolverine and the first class crew together because people would rush to see this film?

why would interaction between them 3 together make people want to see this film more? fassbenders magneto was pretty badass as it is

id say writing a good story was better then right we need a story where wolverine helps young charles and eric, or even no this story isn't work... its because wolverine isn't the time traveler

why should he have more screen time then patrick and ian? it really would show singer is still keeping safe then sorry and has learnt nothing about expanding the franchise which is stupid after the success of the avengers
I loved First Class but as soon as I walked out of the theater I was thinking it would have been even better if it had the A-listers from the original trilogy.

I knew that if there was a sequel made they would try to at least bring Wolverine into the new trilogy whether it be through time travel or having the First Class Logan join and have it make sense...

It really did not surprise me when DofP was announced and was said to be cross over film.

I really hop wee get to see Logan and Fassbender's Magneto butt heads. I'm sure many others will be excited to see that too. I also want to see Wolverine in the First Class uniform!

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