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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by OnTheAir View Post
I agree, for the most part. I mean, Chestnut is fine leading lighthearted romantic comedies (The Best Man, The Brothers, Two Can Play That Game), but as the lead in a BP solo film, or even in a supporting role in the Avengers 2, playing off of RDJ, Evans, Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson...I just can't see it. Marvel has spoiled us by casting good actors in their main roles. To this point in his career, Chestnut hasn't shown himself to be more than average.

And I hate coming off as I dislike the guy...I don't. I just don't like him in this role.
..... and you clearly haven't watched material he's been in outside of an occasional rom-com.

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