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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

I think Bane remained relatively the same on the scale in my head. Being that I was born in the 90s he's always kind of been around. He may not have been an A villain. But I wouldnt say less than a B...

Here's how I would rank them:
A villains - Bat villains everyone and their mother has heard of them, dressed their dog up as them, and dressed up as a ****ty version of them for halloween.


B villains - Many non-comic fans have seen them, but often don't recognize them by name.

Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze
Ra's Al Ghul
Harley Quinn

C villains - would likely be villains only comic fans have heard of, but still important to Batman mythos, or well-developed characters.

Talia Al Ghul
Hugo Strange
Killer Croc
Black Mask
Mad Hatter
Victor Zsasz

D villains - would be those who had a single comic run, probably won't ever be featured in a film and are often used as plot devices. Or they are poorly developed, nonsense characters that appear way more often than they should.

Calendar Man
Killer Moth

F villains - are the rest. single use, disposable villains that never should have been thought up. There are plenty. I won't try to list any.

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