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Default Re: The OFFICIAL THEATRICAL TRAILER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
That wasn't the reason at all actually.

She was having irreconcilable difference with Bay. She was bad mouthing him post ROTF and even called him Hitler.

Once she got to the set that animosity continued so they each went their separate ways.

It had nothing to do with her questionable choice in plastic surgery.
When Bay was trying to find the main girl for this movie, his casting call said for 'natural looking'. The rumor that was going around was that Fox was pissed that Bay hired a girl prettier than her.

I know she bad mouthed Bay but I don't think that was the reason she was fired. She apologized. She wouldn't have apologized if she was getting the boot and once she got the boot she would have bashed him even more...unless she was fired because of plastic surgery. You don't want people to know that was why you were fired. The official statement was that she left on her own accord. Now we both know that is rubbish. I am sure Bay's ego was hurt from her bashing but she has piled on the plastic surgery since the last Transformers filmed and her look has changed a lot. Plus...Michael is known for casting the hot womenz!

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