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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Superman: The Movie

Originally Posted by writer0327 View Post
Zod's character was well drawn, but his was about the only one.

By caricature I meant that they were all versions of players we've known from watching and reading Superman stories in the past. They didn't have character in and of themselves. There was nothing about Perry White that made him endearing and lovable or even likable. I was supposed to like him, not because of any character trait that was brought out in the film, I was supposed to like him because he's Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, remember him??? So at the end of the film, he's in peril, and we're supposed to be worried or concerned. He could have been "citizen of Metropolis #4" trying to protect another random citizen because as far as I'm concerned, there was nothing about the Jenny Olsen character or his that gave me reason to care about them caring about each other.

The character building was weak, that's my only point. I didn't get any indication throughout the film that Clark even liked Lois, unless I was supposed to read something in an offhand look or something. And if I am to believe they kissed purely from a release or purely from attraction, then that shows how poorly the relationship was built. At least in STM there was a relationship.
I have to disagree. Perry White shows character right from the start in MOS. The fact that he agreed with the decision that Lois made to not run her story about Clark because of the possibility of a chaotic reaction by the public to a person with extraordinary abilities, shows that he is a man of high morals (being that he is in the business to sell newspapers that says a lot). Also, as another poster mentioned, the fact that he was willing to risk his life to make sure that his intern doesn't die alone, speaks volumes of the type of person he is and makes me at least actually care about his character. Could they have fleshed out his character? Sure, but he is only a secondary character and I feel that they built the character enough for the story.

As far as the kiss between Lois, I think it was believable. I mean, he had already saved her life twice before that. So I could see how Lois would have a desire to want to kiss him and feel a sense of attraction to Clark. As for Clark, Lois is the first person other than his parents to know about his abilities. So he feels a sense of trust with her that I'm sure he had never felt with anyone else. So I don't find the fact that they kissed after both of them were on the brink of death (or at least the phantom zone).

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