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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Yeah, BW isn't more beloved than Cap... that was a bit silly to say, but she's definitely beloved, admire and respected. But she's not getting a movie.

So how do supporting characters get turned into leads, because simply being liked doesn't seem to be enough...
Spin-offs. We've seen them happen with TV shows and movies (and comic books, for that matter). They're tricky, and usually don't work, but they have been attempted. Sure, the superhero movie spin-offs--XMOW (though the first three X-Men movies were pretty much Wolverine movies), Elektra, and Catwoman--have all sucked, but people are still talking about spin-offs to this day (Silver Surfer, War Machine, SHIELD, Venom, Winter Soldier, etc.). I'm not saying I'm in full favor of this. I'm just saying that it happens and will probably continue to happen.

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