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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Beloved may not be the best word, but it better alludes to the emotional attachment people have to her than 'lust.' People like the character, yes, because she's hot, but also because she's frikkin awesome at what she does.

Now I could be wrong, I thought Black Widow was incredibly impressive in Avengers. She certainly was single handedly responsible for closing the portal. But it's possible that A) No one (outside of my friendgroup) noticed/cared cuz she was hot. B) Supporting characters are never given their full due.

Dude... just read my posts. I'm explicitly talking about movie Widow - the part right after the bold is that "she's not getting a movie." Well, you know 616 Widow isn't getting a movie, so I'm talking about MCU, 199999 Widow, who does not have the same reputation. And why shouldn't I be on a movie forum? You should probably take my statements in the context of the discussion I'm in at the time.

Incidentally, your take supports my point. Even when you make a character like Widow awesome, give her a story arc, etc, people still only see a one-note analysis.

That's true, we can hold out hope, but I'd rather not be in a position holding out hope for a solo Panther movie, especially after the demand for him has been sated in most casual fans.
there will be a solo Panther film

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