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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Before Jackman was famous everyone thought he was perfect casting. Now that he's a famous actor people have a problem with him? The first X-Men movie would've flopped big time with Dougray Scott as Wolverine. Jackman was a gift to Singer. If it wasn't for him bringing Wolverine to life like he did then this whole comic book movie culture that we're living in might not even exist. Spiderman wouldn't have gotten the huge budget it got if it wasn't for the success of X-Men and we all know that without Spiderman there wouldn't have been all these big budget adapations of all of these comic books that we love. We'd be back in the dark ages of comic book movies with made for tv production value and actors that don't even belong in a lifetime movie. Revisionist history is a fun one but X-Men was at the time the catalyst for all that we have now and Jackman helped make that happen

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