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Default Re: New Superhero Show 'MISFITS' on E4

Originally Posted by Baggers View Post
I know what you mean, but I thought it was an okayish ep, not the best from this series tho
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Loved the ep tho when Simon put his hood up and went all badass, also liked the interaction with Alisha and Simon, and Simon finding out his destiny, sucks that was all unwritten, but from the looks of next week's ep maybe Simon and Alisha going to have that "little chat" again in this timeline, also how crazy and badass did Simon look saying "I'm going to kill Jesus Christ!!" in next week's promo. He doesn't look like the FutureSimon we seen, what causes him to be that crazed and does this mean we start to see the begining of Superhoodie?? Also good to see Milk-Boy think of something to stop Nathan aka Captain Invincible instead of killing him, who would of thought a "Milk power" would of been so dangerous

Overall guys who been your fave Misfit "Villain", enemy of the week so far?? Mine has to be Rachel Leyton or Lucy both were great villains too the Asbo 5, Finn the baby was funny tho lol. Overall villain tho has gotta go to Sally, cause she's the one that came close to stopping them and finding out about Tony...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Simon and Alisha's development or "little chat" was the most frustrating thing because we know it's coming and we'll have to sit through it all over again. If they haven't outed themselves and gone public now it also means that we are faced with a different future than the superhoodie came from as he had the video of Alisha's interview but yet his future they obviously went public but didnt get killed the the milk guy. It doesn't make sense.
I wish it were all just planned and thought out a little better.

I did love the villian this week.

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