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Default Re: New Superhero Show 'MISFITS' on E4

Originally Posted by DrMylesOBoogie View Post
Tonights episode was such a letdown. Very entertaining until
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Curtis once again turns back time
therefore making the entire experience pointless. All the
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character development with Simon and Alisha is also reset to the start of the episode
. What was the point? Having characters
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such as Curtis, who can turn back time, and Nathan, who cant be killed
in the show is ruining all the suspense.
I don't think it was pointless. Curtis remembers it all, and because of that, they will never
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go public again
and I think it was neccesary to explain why a character like Nathan wouldn't try to make money out of it. It's also the only show in which that scenario would happen, so it was fun to watch

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Yeah the ending was a bit of a cop out and you could see it coming a mile away but it was still a good episode. The Hotel reminded me of the hotel in the shining. At times Misfits has an almost horror movie feel.

I thought the villain this week was great Lé Grand Fromagé

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
As others had said who knew manipulating dairy products could be such an dangerous superpower he was like a milky Magneto.

Do you think they killed him?
We saw Curtis punch him but I wonder if they murdered him

The scene of Simon finding out he is Superhoodie was great. The Alisha and Simon plot has really been the heart of series 2.

It was funny the matter of fact way their publicist/agent took to the fact they killed people

Nathans triple story was gross and funny. I'm still not even sure Curtis actully likes Nathan.

If any of the probation workers deserved to die it was this one he was really a douchebag.

Roll on the Christmas Special!
Thing is, they can't have Curtis be completely useless, he has to use his powers sometimes, and so far I don't think they've over used it at all.

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