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Default Re: New Superhero Show 'MISFITS' on E4

Originally Posted by spidey-dude View Post
well im guessing the black girl (im crap with names sorry) will change her power, as her old one was pretty useless, the rest had cool useful powers so they should keep them - although isnt curtis going to go back in time anyway to save his girlfriend meaning they never would have lost their powers, meaning they cant change them for other ones since they dont have the money......

i love time travel
They don't have time travel anymore since the dealer already sold it to someone else. On a slightly more 'meta' note, the writers probably got rid of it on purpose since - as people had previously mentioned - it was like having a reset button that could be used to resolve whatever problems they had.

As for what powers they will get next season, it depends on the budget. All their powers (with the possible exception of Simon's) are pretty much FX-free. If they have a bigger budget for next season, the showmakers might decide to go with something more visual.

And lastly, on a side note, the introduction of the dealer also solves the question as to how Future Simon got all his powers - he probably bought them from the dealer.

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