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Default Re: Do you want an origin story or he has been supers and we get flashbacks of the pa

I think that we will see Clark starting off as a young man wandering around the World trying to decide, with all these powers, what his destiny is and then with flashbacks, some of his childhood years. Perhaps scenes which show him arriving on Earth and various other scenes showing how his characteristics developed by being raised on Earth, hopefully some bits showing his powers manifesting themselves. Then later on (somehow) him donning the mantle, so to speak.

I know this sounds a bit like Batman Begins, but to be honest I was more than satisfied how they handled how Bruce Wayne came to be Batman in that and would be happy to see something similar with MoS.

The only way I can see the Kryptonian events occurring is in a linear fashion, so I would expect that to be at the beginning of the move. Culminating in seeing Kal-El sent off to Earth.

This movie is going to have to be three or four hours long minimum I tells ya!

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