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Default Re: Do you want an origin story or he has been supers and we get flashbacks of the pa

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
This is where I am. Aping Begins' non-linear origin story is, imho, the way to go. It's not overdone, and most people aren't savvy enough to draw the lines, at least not during the viewing. The movie can linearly deal with Clark's introduction to Metropolis, while dealing with Smallville in flashbacks. I mean, the scene where he walks into his childhood home as Superman is MADE for a flashback...

Extra points if Krypton is not the first thing we see.
Completely agreed.

Althought I'll be happy for Krypton to be the first thing we see if it's a scene relating to Zod's villainy/Zod and Jor-el's feud, and not just the 'krypton collapses - baby flies off' into space scene.

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