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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
So the essential 90-year old virgin (as posters here like to joke) is *supposed* to remain celibate and virginal....for his long-dead soulmate....?

Dude, please. Steve's heart is gonna be broken realizing that Peggy is dead and he never got that chance to dance with her; but he's also a realistic human being. He realizes the woman is dead & gone now, and he's going to *have* to move on.

So who should we hook him up with, then....? Some chick in a bar, or on Or maybe instead: a beautiful woman who works with him on a daily basis; a beautiful woman who's the spitting image of Peggy Carter; a beautiful woman who, in fact, is a descendant of Peggy Carter; a beautiful woman who already idolizes Captain America and everything he stands for.....?

Hm. Decisions, decisions
That makes it look like he hasn't moved on, the only girl he's interested in is another Peggy. That's how people know friends haven't moved on from their exes, they date people who look just like their exes. The closer the resemblance (same job, family relations) the clearer sign it is that the relationship is not real, it's just a consolation prize.

He should get with someone who is perhaps different from Peggy in some way. Perhaps not an intelligence agent, perhaps not in Peggy's family, perhaps not her spitting image... y'know in some way showing that he's moved on, as opposed to still interested in Peggy, who happens to not be available.

How about a Bernie Rosenthal? How about Diamondback? How about in the natural pace of the story, he comes across someone who interests him that he can learn from and grow from, as opposed to putting in a replacement Peggy and then trying to make it seem natural?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
I mean I would be able to understand if Steve and Peggy consummated at some point, or that there was a chance that Sharon was a descendant of Steve, but there is zero chance of that.
And it annoying to think that so few here think that the only reason he'd be interested in Sharon would be because of her relation to Peggy. It's like they think that's all Sharon is.
It's not about relation, commitment, death, blood or anything like that.

It's about he's dating a stand in. That's douchey. Period.

The character is designed to be a stand in from the ground up. You can't use her without being douchey.

Put it this way... your best friend says he's totally over his ex. He brings by a girl who is her spitting image, same job, and is even related to her in some way. Without being able to read minds, do you think he's over his ex or not?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
You mean a whole 3 people on this board?
Indeed, only three people on this board see this as something okay. Perhaps if they addressed the arguments given about the emotional subtext, the conversation could move forward.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
c) Sharon Carter is going to meet Steve Rogers. That's a given, assuming she exists in the MCU at all. Because Sharon, as a top SHIELD agent who grew up on stories of her great aunt's exploits as a spy and her fabled romance with The First Avenger, is going to make damn sure she gets a chance to meet the man who can finally tell the other side of Auntie Peggy's stories.

d) There is every reason to believe that Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers will fall in love naturally, as a result of being co-workers who spend a lot of time together and who share a lot of personality traits and the same interests and worldviews. And are biologically close to the same age, and who are both gorgeous.
Assuming she exists in the MCU is the problem. It is contrived. The audience is not that naive. Sharon Carter is a replacement character, that is her purpose for existing. No matter how natural you try to make the story, you know that she's a replacement for Peggy, I know it, and so do they. It's too convenient and contrived to ever seem natural. You can say Cap is over Peggy, but dating Peggy 2.0 is proof that he's not.

There's no "ick" factor involved here. People are grasping at straws, just to justify their own hopes for Cap to shrug off his comic-book storyline and date somebody besides Sharon Carter. Agent 13 haters gonna hate.
Uh, your "counter-arguments" about to "you guys are a minority" and "you just think it's icky." It inspires me to see you as the one grasping at straws, with an immature concept of what constitutes a healthy relationship.

At the end of the day, you can say that Steve is over Peggy all day long, but when the movie, the story isn't over Peggy, when it goes out of its way to create a character that is like Peggy in every conceivable way, visually, genetically, as well as her role in the story... it creates an disingenuous effect... the main character is over Peggy, but the writers can't let her go. It's either contrived or contradictory, and a good movie is neither.

Hopefully you got more out of that than "I think it's icky." This time.

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