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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
LoL hahaha the way i LOL-ed so hard when i read this!! LoL

LoL but you do realize to Cap it would feel like Peggy was alive yesterday... He didn't get that time to move on, he was a sleep for all those years...

Sharon should be introduced in the next film, but I don't think she should be the love interest, but she should be Cap's right hand when he goes on a mission... like you said before, they grew in love over time, so allow her to be introduced into the next film but have someone like Bernie Rosenthal as his new love interest... someone that isn't military or SHIELD, thats a different type of woman, the modern woman. end the film, with Cap breaking up with her, because he doesn't want to put her life in any sort of danger.

Cap 3, you show Cap and Sharon with a very cool dynamic and understanding, they have good chemistry... Cap does have some feelings for Sharon but he doesn't act upon them. Que speech by someone wise telling Cap to move on, his old life is gone Blah blah blah... end film with Cap and Sharon dancing..

But Sharon should be a totally different personality to Peggy, she Should not remind him Peggy. there only similarity is that they both military...
Yes, to Cap it would feel like Peggy was alive just yesterday, but if she was still alive in 2012 and he saw her now as a shriveled old 90-year old, it would freak him out. Not just physically, but mentally, of course. She's already lived an entire lifetime without him, probably got married and had kids and grandkids, and if she's not dead already, she will be soon. It's a tragic situation to be in, but he's going to realize that his and Peggy's lives no longer intersect ---- her life went on without him. And it's one *hell* of a lot simpler to illustrate all that with a graveside eulogy than trying to force a very, very awkward and squirmy scene between a 20something Steve and an old crone he no longer even knows.

But yeah, I agree with you that Sharon being an American would help a lot, considering that that's what she was in the comics anyway.


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