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Default Re: The Official Costume Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 22

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“Everyone on Krypton wears this suit,” not feeling it...lossing the hope...maybe for the best, if it turns out to be good, cool, but I don't like what im reading lately. Neo-medieval Krypton? Oh please...that's sounds almost as bad as that stupid ice planet....And everyone wearing that suit? That takes away every little ounce of ˙˙special˙˙ from it, imo. Funny, I'd have thought an advanced civilization would have had more clothing choices. Now, I just have to wonder, is this Goyer's mess (the more I hear the more it sounds totally like him) or is Snyder's juvenile mentality kicked into overdrive??
Is Wilkinson's comments about Krypton really surprising...?

Jor-El's outfit screamed neo-medieval.

Many made that connection, when we first saw those pics. Snyder doesn't do hard sci-fi. He excels at fantasy. That's his forte as a filmmaker.

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