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Default Re: Zach Snyder plans to speak with Frank Miller for MoS Sequel

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I get it.

Then again, Amy Adams has already been reported to be returning. There's still a chance this could be an ensemble movie where everyone gets a chance to shine. I loved Amy as Lois in MoS.

Honestly, all of your concerns are valid but I feel like you're just using my posts as a launching pad to vent your frustration here.

Again, I was ALL FOR a movie that had Clark/Lois/Lex at the center of it. I was not clamoring for Batman to be in this movie. But he is now whether we all like it or not, and all I can do is roll with the punches at this point.

And at the same time, if JL and/or Trinity is where we're headed, Diana might end up becoming the central heroine of the DCU.

I see Lois having a role similar in size to what Pepper Pots had in the Iron Man films. And Pepper was an awesome part of those movies IMO and was given plenty to do. Especially in Iron Man 3.

You were the one who brought up the idea of the film having a Batman/Joker/Dent triangle with Superman/Batman/Lex. I'm responding specifically to that point and explaining why that is still problematic. An "ensemble" Superman movie is probematic when only one of the people in that ensemble is a WOMAN.

Wonder Woman should be the central heroine of a Justice League movie. But this isn't a Justice League movie. It was supposed to be a Superman movie.

Lois Lane is the heroine in the Superman mythos. Wonder Woman has her OWN mythos and she should be the heroine of a Justice League film. These two things do not actually conflict despite DC Comics recent confusion/blundering of the issue.

And with all due respect, I'm sorry but the comparison to Pepper Potts is terrible and just does not work here as Pepper, as great a she was, was the definition of a supporting player in the Iron Man movies.

Pepper Potts was great in the Iron Man franchise but it was an example of a film taking a female character who does NOT have that role in the comics and then giving her a bit more to do in the movies.

Lois Lane is a 75 year old heroine and the first woman of comics. Lois Lane is more important to the Superman mythos than Pepper Potts is to Iron Man despite Pepper's recent film treatment.

And as enjoyable as Pepper was...she didn't actually have her own battle she was fighting. Outside of talking about her relationship with Tony, we barely ever heard her talk about her OWN dreams or her own history. She was basically there to be Tony's love interest which she great at. And sure we got to see her kick some butt. But she wasn't really emotionally involved in Tony's battle with the bad guy. I know everyone thought Pepper was great in Iron Man 3 but frankly I wasn't that impressed. She vanished for a HUGE portion of the movie while Tony was off alone and then showed up the end and punched a bunch of stuff. And I know, as a woman, I'm supposed to be thrilled or something when women punch people (in their underwear/bra no less) but I'd much rather have a female have a really deep role in the story where she is there from start to finish and has her own perspective as opposed to being gifted with a scene where the woman shows up to bunch some stuff to prove she's tough and can handle herself. I don't think Iron Man 3 was this great feminist achievement that people seem to think it was. But I think it fooled a lot of people into thinking it was bc our culture gets VERY fooled right now into thinking that women have to punch people to prove they are tough and kickass. That's a thing now. We assume that if women show up and throw a punch that they are kicking butt. Which is another rant for another day.

Lois Lane has her OWN backstory and her OWN relationship with Lex Luthor. There is a huge difference here.

If Lois Lane winds up having the same kind of role Pepper Potts had in Iron Man that would be a failure on the part of Goyer and Snyder. Not because Pepper isn't great. She is. But Lois Lane is more important and has her own journey that should be at the CENTER of a Superman narrative. It's just not enough. The Superman/Lois narrative should be at the CENTER of a Superman narrative not just something on the side to add comedic relief and a kiss at the end of the movie. Lois Lane deserves more than Pepper Potts. Potts will never be a benchmark for how she should be handled despite how enjoyable the Iron Man movies were.

I'm not trying to pick on you here because I can tell you are trying to be really thoughtful. It's just that, in the process, you have brought up some points and comparisons that sort of highlight the entire problem with this premise. The only way this fillm works and doesn't totally screw over Superman, Lex and especially Lois Lane is if Batman comes in as a supporting player with a very minimal role and is not considered a co-lead in the film. But I just do not see that happening.

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