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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by SecretNerdGirl View Post
Do you mean that Sony would on Avengers
I'm saying that since you can link everyone to Spider-Man (since he's Marvel's equivalent of Kevin Bacon) that if you go by that reasoning, then Sony would try to claim ownership of anyone who has teamed up with him, including yes, the Avengers. But of course we all know that this isn't the case with Sony's property rights which simply wouldn't extend that far.

and although I agree Spider Woman does have very little to do with Spider Man, bar being in Avengers with him, we all know when the public here Spider Woman, they're going to link it with Spider Woman.
Yep. Spider-Woman will be linked with Spider-Woman.

But seriously though, whether or not the public links Spider-Woman with Spider-Man, that has nothing to do with whether or not Sony actually owns Jessica Drew or any of the other Spider-Women. The only one I could see Sony potentially owning is Spider-Girl (May Parker) since she shares the same costume as Spider-Man and is an actual spin-off from characters in that world. Jessica Drew isn't.

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