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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

I know it depends on the story they do in the film, like if they stick closely to the comic and have Electro thought to be Spider-Man by Jameson, then he would probably need a mask. Raimi actually made Ock the way Ditko originally drew him. Ock had no costume, his his regular clothing.
It would depend on the story they are telling, like if Electro becomes the Anti Spider-Man. Or maybe they will simply go with the Ultimate total electric glowing body version. But here is my idea:

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post

His face (Foxx's face) would be shaven with no hair at all (no eyebrows either) and badly scarred like the Ultimate version but in a pattern similar to the unmasked 616 version that resembles a bolt. Hi get up, similar the the movie Spider-Man now, would be multi layered and more functional in its purpose and less than a flashy costume although it would be flashy. Similar to the New 52 Flash, the yellow lightning bolts would be fabric (or tubing) that lights up when he is using his powers. So instead of him having yellow on his suit, it glows making it look yellow.

Imagine Jamie Foxx wearing a get up similar to this with his head shaved and scarred up like this.

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