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Default Re: Breaking Bad - Part 4

Originally Posted by slimshady247 View Post
So out of curiosity, what did everyone think of the first half of Season 5 overall? I know it's not over yet, but just wondering.

Weak compared to the other 4 seasons. Found it incredibly odd that despite the fact that there is so much to resolve in this show that several of the episodes were spinning their wheels. How many music montages did we get so far this season? There's been a lot. Also the decision to focus on new characters like Lydia and Todd while getting rid of Jesse except for when the plot needed him to be around was an absolutely terrible one. The show quickly evolved into a show that was about both Walter AND Jesse, but yet this season the only times Jesse showed up was when it was necessary to move Walter's plot along. What the hell else is going on with him? We're just supposed to believe he's sitting on his couch smoking cigarettes the entire time?

The guy who posted above me about the writers being too self aware is right on the money, the "Say my name" scene was laughable and the first truly noticably poor scene in the entire show.

And this one is more under "personally, I would have done this.." but having Jesse tell Walter to get out and Walter freaking out and ignoring him, and then having Skylar do the same and having Walt listen should have been reversed. Since day 1 they've set up that Walt, in his own way, cares more for Jesse than his own family so it should have been Jesse to be the one to break him out of his blind rampage to the top.

Still a great show, but the cracks are starting to form so I'm glad it's ending when it is.


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