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Default Re: Breaking Bad - Part 4

Originally Posted by Eklypze View Post
Yea I'm sorry but the "Say My Name" moment was right up there with "I'm the one who knocks!" like seriously. After all the work and time Walt has put into being Heisenberg and cultivating such a notorious reputation that was like his defining moment. They knew who he was, he knew they knew and he was there to make a ****ing impression and that's exactly what he did. And as for Jesse if anything I would say the weird thing they did with him is totally turn him against the idea of being a meth cook anymore. I understand why they did it and Jesse's reasoning especially after being involved in the murder of a child but still, Jesse accepted what he thought of as his role as the "bad guy" and he showed in massive amounts of testicular fortitude in Mexico and put in just as much if not more work in the business as Walt did. I dunno, kinda rambling now. Basically I don't think anything in season 5 so far has been inherently bad. Skyler got annoying after a season and a half of her growing some balls as well but it was needed for the story just like Jesse's role

You're kind of missing the boat when it comes to Jesse if you think his arc thus far has been wierd. Jesse believes he is worse than he is- he has tried his entire life to be the bad guy but deep down that's not who he is and he can still come back from it.

And I don't disagree with the concept behind the scene where Walt meets with the cartels. It was the execution that was off- incredibly hamfisted and lame. I remember someone saying that they expected the cartel guys to laugh their asses off and given the way the scene was handled I expected that too. Just a minor blip on an otherwise fantastic show. I too hope the rest of the season goes more smoothly.


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