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Default Re: Breaking Bad - Part 4

Originally Posted by Rez View Post
And I don't disagree with the concept behind the scene where Walt meets with the cartels. It was the execution that was off- incredibly hamfisted and lame. I remember someone saying that they expected the cartel guys to laugh their asses off and given the way the scene was handled I expected that too. Just a minor blip on an otherwise fantastic show. I too hope the rest of the season goes more smoothly.
They did laugh at first. At first they weren't taking Walt seriously at all, but when he confronted them about them pushing an imitation of his product and then revealed himself to be the man who killed Gus Fring, the laughter stopped. They wouldn't have laughed at Gus and they certainly wouldn't laugh at the man who killed him.

As for the rest of Season 5 so far, I'm in love with it. It's not progressed how I would have expected yet it has in a way that feels totally natural for the story. I LOVE that Jesse finally had the guts to walk out on Walt, even if Walt threatened to keep all of his money. I LOVE that Skylar does everything in her power to get the kids out of the house. I LOVE that we got a hell of a lot of Mike. My only real complaint is the scene in which the lawyer calls Mike and asks him to meet. Seeing as how in 502 Mike got a similar call from Chao and immediately knew it was a set up, I was expecting a similar reaction. That's really my only beef with it. Other than that, I've loved everything Season 5 has to offer.


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