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Default Re: The Amazing Spiderman 2 - User Review Thread! - SPOILERS!

Saw it about 8 hours ago. Overall a bit disappointed although I'd need to see again to have a proper opinion as there were 4 very young kids (and a rude mum) sitting behind me screaming and crying throughout the whole thing ruining it. The action was great throughout but otherwise the film didn't seem that coherent and many of the build up scenes were just not good at all.

I do love Garfield as Spider-man though (& Emma Stone As Gwen) and every sequence of him doing regular everyday Spidey business was awesome (& there are quite a lot). This is the wisecracking Spidey I always wanted to see and could watch him swinging around the city taking care of minor crooks and saving citizens all day.

The emotional subplots didn't really hit home for me or fit well, intercut with more zany villain encounters. I hadn't been looking at spoilers before I watched so I didn't know Gwen dies which was done well but for such a big event seems a little wasted in this film. And a shame we won't see her character any more. Spidey putting his mask back on and returning for the end after hearing Gwen's speech seemed too reminiscent of SM2 but the ending to the film is still a good way to go out.

Electro's powers were very cool but I'd have preferred the main villain to be more serious. And this Harry Osborn had plenty of personality but he's not a patch on Osborn from SM1-3. I can't tell how much of an impact the screaming kids had on my opinion but as it stands the film was not as good as I was expecting but the action is great, Spidey/Parker & Gwen are both great. Apologies if this affects anyone's excitement, definitely not my intention. I think others fans may like it more than me.

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