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Default Re: How to make Hawkman?

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
I think a Hawkman film can be successful with a good compelling story and a solid director. Another key would be to have budget discipline and keep the budget around 85 million.

Heck, if Marvel can make multiple Ghost Rider films with Cage as the lead and multiple Fantastic Four films, then WB's/DCE should know what to do and what not to do when getting a potential Hawkman film going.
Well said. Tightening the belt is so important for a film like Hawkman. If it's successful, they could increase the budget for each subsequent film.

Look at the original X-Men trilogy; the budget for the first movie was 75 million, and the final movie had a 200 million dollar budget. If DC played their cards right, that could happen with Hawkman.

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