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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by The Law View Post
I think that a "Gotham Central" adaptation is the most plausible "Batman" series possibility. I actually read an article that suggested they were considering developing a series before "Batman Begins" came together.

A serious, gritty "Gotham Central" show in the vein of "The Wire" would have a lot of potential. Batman can make occasional, small appearances, mostly working in the background. Make Gordon the main character, with him running the Major Crimes Unit, a squad he personally assembled of cops he knows he can trust: Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, Sarah Essen, and a few other characters, either from the comics or original creations.
Actually the show was going to happen, but they decided on Birds of Prey instead. And yeah, that outline is pretty much exactly what i'd imagine. A cop show, with Batman villains as the bad guys, and the occasional appearance by Batman.

What'd be cool is that they could probably keep doing Batman movies while the show ran. I think. I guess a lot would depend on who they cast as Gordon.

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