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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

I suppose Gary Oldman agreeing to play Gordon on the television show would be too much to hope for. Though, if Kiefer Sutherland, Steve Carell, and James Gandolfini can all play roles on television while continuing their film careers, maybe Gary could too.

I see the lineup as something like this:

Gordon- Lieutenant, leader of the unit. Assigned by the police commissioner to head a special investigations unit, the Major Crimes Unit, which initially attempts to make cases against the major organized crime families in town: the Falcones, the Maronis, the Zuccos, and Jefferson Skeevers' drug operation. Later, they move on to investigating the "freaks."

Sargeant Harvey Bullock- second highest ranking member of the squad. Same character as the comics, obese, slovenly, quick-tempered, but ultimately a good detective and loyal to Gordon. A former homicide detective who investigates murders. Source of comic relief, dark sense of humor.

Sarah Essen- A character who really needs to be explored on film at some point. A very talented, driven detective. Her affair with Gordon would make for very good drama.

Renee Montoya- Street-smart detective, promoted from the narcotics unit. Making her character a lesbian would be interesting, but possibly too much for network television.

Crispus Allen- Tough, smart detective. Possibly wary of Gordon's relationship with Batman, but that could be repetitive if Bullock is used in the same role.

An original character, a white male detective. Probably a Dirty Harry type, with self-destructive tendencies. Honestly, what cop show is complete without a self-destructive cop?

Also, a character from the Prosecutor's Office is needed. If they want to push things, Harvey Dent is a possibility, but it would probably be better to go with an original character.

That gives us four males and two females in the staring cast, with an African-American and Hispanic. Seems to cover all bases. A few smaller police characters to round things out would probably make sense.

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