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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

^Dont know how two buffy people would work out on screen again though.^ But I can definetly see Eliza as Selina on a tv series more than the movies.(though, obviously, i still want her for the movies).

As for the title, it all depends on how the series is made and what it is based around, but I think it should be something like Gotham Knight(s) or even Shadow of the Bat(HATE the title for the movies, ut I cna see it working for a tv series).

Id like the tone to be dark along the lines of Birds Of Prey(exept this time ,they'll actually be in costume.) Id like to see villains like Freeze, CLayface(who doesnt require much CGI at all really), Ivy and most of the other villains we probably wouldnt see in the movies.


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