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Default Re: Should they change the costume for the sequel?

my opinion matters just as much as any others on here: not at all, when it comes to what will actually happen. What matters first and foremost is how the suit looks in daylight. That's how i like the colors, very regal and heroic, not ridiculously bright or muted. Now, I'm in film school, and i know how to light so that it looks like night, but can still keep the same colors at night (look at STM, the colors look just as bright at night as in the day, and same is true for SR, it's basically the same at night as it is in the day, and I'm not talking about up in the atmosphere near the sun like in the plane scene in which there is much more like than regular).
IE. This is the exact same colors as in teh day, for the most part. IMO it looks great, not ridiculously bright but easily discernable as red, blue and yellow.

It would work, and though it might not be everybody's favorite take, it's mine.

my colors would look like this:



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