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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by mothy View Post
btas in every category. there is no contest.
Mostly I'll go with Timm's Bats. I do give The Baman Props for turning the Penguin into a martial artist. In general oswald's dangerousness is 'I'm one of Batman's top foes!" rather than based on anything he did. Killed a couple of thugs to prove he was tough in his first story. Shot them with a disguised gun.

Towards the end of The Batman's run, it was clearly a BTAS knock off. The 'bat fugitive' angle was put to rest and the 'bat family' showed up, something the latter parts of BTAS had done almost identically.

I'm Superman! I'll ...Always be Superman! - Clark Kent in the Conduit story line.

Until I read this I hadn't realized the curse that being Superman was.
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