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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Jake Diamond View Post
In BTAS, Batman beats Bane with his bare hands. In The Batman, he needs to use a super-powered robot suit.

- In BTAS, The Riddler doesn't look like a gothic emo green freak, whereas, in The Batman... he does.

- Also, the animation in BTAS was generally of a superior quality.
- Actually, the robot suit was easily ripped apart by Bane. Batman had to use his smarts to defeat Bane. Basically, the robot suit was useless, and the writers pointed it out.

-Despite the design, the Riddler had a coherent backstory and motivation that actually made sense, while in B:TAS, he doesn't.

- I think you had a problem with the "art design" (I don't like it either). The newer show actually has superior animation, due to newer technology and animation techniques.

Despite this, I still prefer B:TAS.

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