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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Is it good or bad?
Huh? The trailer? No idea.

People's perception of Superman? It's good. Generally Superman is referred to positively such as in sports panels where they'll liken a player to Superman or something. It's just what will change is they'll realize he can be in movies they can get excited for. And be able to relate to somewhat.

The poster isn't some obvious shot of him soaring through the clouds. No, it's him held captive by 'us'. We're taking this big idea, the greatest ideal, bringing him down to our level, and analyzing him.

Edit: There's almost a biblical parallel. Before Jesus was hung on the cross. The way he willfully was arrested.

Edit2: The whole godlike 'above us' walking the clouds is what's given the wrong idea about how he is unrelatable to people. That's why the marketing is focusing on bringing him down to our level (the fishing boat+general grit of that teaser showing this is not some idealized world, but our own, and the poster showing him held captive by our military).

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