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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
He beat him in Wayne Manor. He didn't physically beat him down like Bane, but he didn't need to nor could he because of the fire. Bruce would've died if it weren't for Alfred.
He was stabbed by the Joker and could've died. I get he won't beat Batman in a fist fight, but his life was in danger from his encounter with the Joker. This is where I'm coming from. This is my whole argument.
Could've, should've, would've, if my uncle had breasts he'd be my aunty. Your whole argument is based on things that 'might' have happened. The whole point is none of them physically beat him to a bloody pulp did they? So, yes, Bruce lacked a physical threat whether you want to acknowledge it or not because not once throughout the series until Rises has he come across someone who in many ways was superior to him.

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