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Default Re: Antje Traue IS Faora in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by TheCollector View Post
So, I don't know if anyone has realized this, but looking at this picture here,

Am I the only one who thinks it looks kinda like Faora isn't completely evil, or at least not the whole movie. I mean, the fact that she's putting that breater on Lois, and Clark isn't looking at her in any kind of confrontational manner, just like, curious.
It kinda makes me think she betrays Zod at some point. Which might be the reason as the rumor says, he kills her.

While no one's entirely sure on what will become of her at the conclusion of the film, I don't think this picture signifies that she'll be turning against Zod in favor of Superman's cause.

It was revealed that Faora is simply putting a machine on Lois so that she can breathe in their spaceship, which I don't think is an act of gesture but more of an order given to her by Zod so that Lois can stay alive for the time being.

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