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I've tried many times to make a top 10 list and I'm never really satisfied, so here is a very loose top 10:

1.The Dark Knight- I grew up reading comics and have always loved The Joker and Batman's relationship. This film pretty much perfected that relationship and the other aspects of the film were great as well.

2.There Will Be Blood-Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite director because he deals with many themes and ideas that strike me personally. There Will Be Blood is his best film and, IMO, a return to true classic cinema. Daniel Day Lewis is phenomenal in it and really carries the film.

3.Schindler's List- As one of Jewish decent, this film struck me very personally. It also, IMO, is one of the few films to perfectly capture the true brutality of mankind and also the true goodness of mankind. All nerdyness aside, this is Spielberg's masterpiece.

4.Chinatown- It doesn't get much better than Chinatown for me. I love Jack Nicholson and he gives a great performance. The film tells a great mystery story and has one of the greatest twists in cinema history.

5.Star Wars- Lucas' first Star Wars opened up the imaginations of many children and I was no different. The film is delicately crafted as a true return to the old serials, while at the same time being so innovated for its time. The film is a great adventure and one that never gets old.

6.Taxi Driver- I mean this in the least crazy way possible, but I relate to Travis Bickel. I think we all do. We see something wrong, something bad, and we want to stop it, change it. But unlike superheroes, Travis lives in the real world. The moral ambiguity of Travis Bickel is the driving force behind my love for Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

7.Raiders Of The Lost Ark- This was my film as a child. I watched it all of the time. As I have gotten older, I don't watch it as often and don't find it quite as exhilarating, but it's still played such an important part in my life, it deserves this spot. Not that I find it bad now, its still great.

8.Magnolia-Paul Thomas Anderson returns on the list with his biggest film, Magnolia. This film, again, deals with many themes that touch me on personal levels I can't completely explain. And guys, I dug the frogs. That hit me. Hit me real good.

9.Apocalypse Now- Something about this film really put me in awe. Its such a great story and its one of those few sensible character driven films that has real great spectacle to it. The helicopter invasion scene near the beginning is probably in my top five scenes of all time.

10.The Lord Of The Rings- This trilogy has it all. It has a great story, great spectacles and great characters. Literally everything you need in a film. The action set pieces are tremendous. The character moments are heart warming and the story is exciting. These films really were events on the big screen and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

A few honorable mentions:

The Social Network
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Back To The Future
The Departed
The Avengers
Pulp Fiction
The King Of Comedy
Django Unchained
Die Hard
The Master
Cool Hand Luke
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Ben Hurr
Paths Of Glory
Boogie Nights
Punch Drunk Love
Spiderman 2
The Dark Knight Rises

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