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Thumbs up the ideal Superman suit

Since the new Superman suit has a different effect on everyone, I would like to hear what other people would of liked to see. I'm not talking just the Singer suit or the Donner suit or the Lois and Clark suit... if you have a personal design that you think would look cool, please tell us! Post a description, and possibly even a picture of what your ideal Superman suit for you would be. The suit itself would have inside of it billions of micro super computers fixing any damage that happens to it. It would also have sensors to enable a cloaking field which would hep the person to hide themselves in a world as smart as ours.

With the help from demonbull, he has helped me by drawing a pic of what my ideal suit would look like...

I encourage all to share their artistic imagination on what they would like their own suit would look like. I would like it if no one takes a negative approach at someone else's thoughts.

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