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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Today's date is 9 June 2011. I just found this thread. Lizard this is an absolutely amazing thread and you should be commended for putting this together. How..I'm not sure, but I knew the Transformers were put together from different lines but I didn't know where from. Thanks for all the information and reminding me of all my favourite toys I had when I was a kid... man I wish I knew what happened to them.

As a child I had several of the small die-cast metal Collector's Shogun toys Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Getter Robo from memory. I had no idea of their origins unlike my Masters of the Universe toys that provided a comic. As a kid I had them an was unaware of what their significance was at the time. Man I wish I still had them.

Then I got a large die-cast toy which I had no ida what it was from my grandparents for Christmas one year. It was my favourite but I lost it soon after and was devatsated. I now know it was Daltanious but it was just a joy to have it. The detail on these toys far out weighed anything else I had in my toybox.

This thread not only gave me so much info but brought back child hood memories and makes me wish I had a time machine to go back and buy all of the awesomeness.

Thanks again Lizard!

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