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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - Part 9

Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
Exactly she had Spy adventures fighting Nazis.She also had war adventures with her fighting Nazis.If we were to modernise her war adventures wed probably have a Middle Eastern terrorist organisation to replace the Nazis though.
Which makes sense for someone who's main enemy is War himself.

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
It's not that they've forgotten who Wonder Woman is. It's that the studio wants to make money off this picture and have to tweak the character in a way that they think will accomplish that task.

When it comes down to it, WW's biggest challenge is the studio's lack of faith in a female superhero, and lack of understanding about how to present her.

I definitely understand why Steve Trevor would have to be a hero type. It seems logical to the studio that little boys won't be playing with Wonder Woman action figures. It's a challenging character to market.
Steve has always been a hero type, though, and I think that's kinda underlines how people have forgotten who Wonder Woman is. Every writer is trying to figure her out. That means the only thing most know to have faith in her about is that she is a female superhero, as though just being female will sell a movie, and we all know better, I think.

If people understood how strong the core concept of Wonder Woman was, about her themes and charm, I think studios would have something to put faith in other than action-boobs.

Anecdote: I remember one time I was watching TV and The Batchelorette came on. I *hate* shows like that with a passion, these guys kinda sizing each other up, waiting for her to show up to this outdoor activity, then, this girl, this woman comes sailing over the dunes on an ATV in a helmet, vest and bikini bottoms. She does a couple more jumps before she comes skidding to a halt in front of the guys takes off her helmet, flicks out her hair, smiles like a Cheshire cat and says "Are you guys coming or not?" I basically said "I'm in love" out loud, the other girls in the room just laughed. But that's really what Wonder Woman should capture, its what she was when she was *actually* as popular as Superman and Batman back in the Golden Age. She was basically 'I *am* the adventure, come with me.' That's engaging to everyone and it makes her the girl that everyone wants to be and every guy wants to be with - without her being a tramp or unfeminine.

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