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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 2

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
But it was not alone in losing screens like that. Its the only movie in the top 15 that made a loss on Friday compared to Thursday. There needs to be a specific reason for that.
It wouldn't surprise me if people going to the theater yesterday decided that if they wanted to see a superhero film, they'd check out GL instead of Thor. The question is, how big a drop-off is GL going to have, and will Thor bounce back at all?

I went to see GL in the afternoon yesterday, at a downtown theater with like 20 screens, and Thor was down to 1 6pm show. (Still, I am eyeing it for next week, when a friend is in town who might want to see it.)

(I didn't find GL to be as huge a trainwreck as I was expecting, although I would not call it a good movie. It wasn't the worst film/biggest disappointment I've seen this summer; that's still POTC4. I did think the script and pacing was poor, which worked against my coming away from it with an overall feeling of "fun". And lord... people are complaining about the various big end fights in Marvel movies? The end fight in GL was... perfunctory. But RR's performance I enjoyed the entire way through. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a sequel if it has a decent script for crying out loud.)

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