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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread Nearly Broke Hornswoggle In Half; THAT'S WHAT WE DO! - Part

Originally Posted by The Sage View Post
Except you didn't give an opinion. You made a post that clearly was designed to bait people into arguing. And I say clearly because you've visited these threads long enough to know what to say to do that.

On top of that, the thread was rolling along well until you made that post. Rock fans and non-Rock fans were making comments about whether they loved/hated the promo, enjoyed the show or not. The way you came across was unnecessary, and I'm pretty sure the last time they was a heated argument around the same topic, I requested for everyone to keep it civil.

Please do that in the future.
Problem with this is that the same standards aren't held for everyone. I used to try to be a productive member of this thread, expressing my opinions and why i felt that way, but was always met with hostility and ridicule feom the likes of Metallo and Hunter in particular, and many other posters to a lesser extent. I have never once been treated with respect in this thread, so why should I care if someone gets upset about my opinion that I don't care about other people getting buried so The Rock can be champion again?

Nobody was telling Metallo or Hunter to "keep it civil" when they were telling me I wasn't a true wrestling fan, I was a mindless Vince drone, and telling me that they didnt respect my mindset and felt my opinions were a disgrace to the business.

PS none of that is hyperbole or "woe is me. All of those are things that Metallo or Hunter have said directly to me over the long life of this thread. None of which ever got remarks of "keep it civil" That doesn't happen until I come in with a post that targets literally nobody, but what I said wasn't popular so it's taken and twisted as an "attack"

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