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Default Re: Assassin's Creed IV

Originally Posted by Wolvieboy17 View Post
I'm super excited for the gameplay and the pirate fantasy of this game but I'm not really feeling any connection to Kenway. After AC3 I feel like they really need to tighten up the story, especially where the main AC fiction is concerned and I'm getting worried that we haven't heard too much about the narrative itself.
I stopped caring about the narrative somewhere between Brotherhood and Revelations. It was then that i came to the conclusion that i really disliked the whole Abstergo/Modern day aspect. Like its getting harder to make all these games connect to one another. From the get go they should of just dropped all that modern day stuff and just focused on the fight between the ancient templars and assassins. That way each game could of featured a new assassin in a new time period with no real worries about the connection to other characters. I mean its neat knowing that Edward is related to Connor who is related to Ezio who is related to Altair but at the same time it would of been much easier and just as engrossing to give us a story about the templars vs the assassins. That was my issue with AC3 is Connor and the game kind of shat all over that.

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