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Default Re: Assassin's Creed IV

Originally Posted by James View Post
Ever since Mercenaries (which I doubt was the first game to do it, but it's the first I remember) I've really liked the limited-weapon style of gameplay. Seeing the character reach back and switch weapons, and being forced to plan what you're going to need, is freakin' cool. The "rocket pocket" is a more arcade style option and suits GTA well, I wouldn't really want it any other way, but in other games I'm definitely in the limited-weapon camp.
Thats generally how id play a game. For instance in Red Dead you could carry a ton of weapons, but id always stick to ONE pistol and ONE rifle(or shotgun) and just do my activities with those weapons. If id want to switch over to a shotgun id have to "go back to my home" to get it.

I just really appreciate it when games pay attention to the smallest details. Stuff like that is really neat.

And for the most part the AC series has done a good job of that.

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