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Default Re: Would You Want To Be A Mutant?

Originally Posted by Darkdd
I'd love to be a mutant.I would like to have storms powers and physical traits(i dye my hair white for like Carnival and haloween and stuff lol).I would also LOVE to have telepathy!
I think if there actually were mutants(evolutionary/genetic modification) they would be like this

Very Likely:Super strength,agility,etc .Regeneration,Psychics and Metamorphs(no great size change),Ferals,Mutants like Darwin from DG,Telekinetics and SOME other psionics, like Storm(not nearly to her extent though).

Likely:Pre-cogs,Teleporters,Diamond transmorphs like Emma Frost (i have a reasoning for this lol),Metamorphs(significant size change),Replication like MM(not at his level).

Maybe:Metallic transmorphs(Colosus),Probability alterers,Time asociated powers (Limited)......(Less Likely) Enrgy blasters like Cyclops,Phasers like Kitty.
Energy blast are one of the most overused powers


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