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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

I'd love to see a sort of Bizarro/Cadmus storyline in the second film. I think having Bizarro as a villain opens the doors for some really cool action, as well as some interesting drama if they have Bizarro in the vein of STAS where he has a compelling story involving an identity crisis.

Another great storyline I remember is that one with the suicide squad that some guy put together to replace Superman or something. But Superman found out about some ulterior motive of the team and took them on and using his powers, he displayed immense strength and at the same time incredible restraint by incapacitating them without killing them. Didn't he take one out by lobotomizing him and removing his powers with his heat vision, x-ray vision, and telescopic vision?

Those two would be really cool. Either way I'm sure whatever Singer gives us will be more than exceptional.

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