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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

Originally Posted by Kane
And considering Brainiac is the only villian, he will cover the action territory along with the main villian (Magneto territory).

I want to see Brainiac as someone Superman trusts at first, since Brainy is a kryptonian repository of knowledge (Hes Krypton). He could be in a Ras A Gual-like role at first, training Kal-El and teaching him....but having his own alterier motives and eventually betraying him.
How does that work when Kal-El has the FOS to do the exact same thing?

Originally Posted by Morgoth
I'm so tired of people with small minds saying they aren't that great, there are alot of Superman villians who would be great...Doomsday, Bizarro, Brainiac, and Parasite.
Everyone one of those villians save Brainiac are nothing more then a bunch of things that hit people. Not all that enertaining. They are more secondary villians, then arch enemies.

The problem with some of the responses in this thread is that they want a film that is all about the villian. Darksied would need his own film to set up any kind of battle between him and Supes.

Brainiac could be the next villian, and at the very least he will show up in the third film, if there is one. Him creating a huge Metallo to attack the City would work very well. Same with some kind of Bizarro creation, with the big Battle between Clark and Brainiac the planet coming at the end. However I have a good feeling that Zod will be in the next film. Singer's latest comments on Superman II not being in continuity has me believing we will see a new Zod.

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