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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

Originally Posted by TrailerMusic
What I dont get is why would Superman LET The Planet blow up. I would think he would do what it takes to help them. If he was there for THAT LONG & wouldnt it be strange to you if you were at your dead parents Wedding
Im not sure if he was living amongst them at different time periods or there the whole time.... but ya, in the film....Brainiac would obviously just give him a taste (a day) to live among them once more...thats the ultimate teasing (what Robo wanted) and it would get Clark at his weakest (emotionally).

And yes, Superman WOULD still let the planet blow up in the end (it says something about Superman's character)....despite doing what he would have wanted for his own selfish desires (to live with his family and others like him)....he knew that tampering and altering time for his benefit would have dangerous consequences (as Jorel warned him in STM).......

He did it once to save Lois........this time he knows better, and painfullly must let them die.

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