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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
I doubt the Libertarians make up more than 10% of the Republican Party.

There's a bit of overlapping with the various groups.

I'd say the Religious Right makes up about half the party. Maybe a bit more. The remaining half are Old Money, the fiscally conservative, military families, and socially conservative non-Christians. really have an incredibly skewed and inaccurate view of the GOP. The evangelical wing of the GOP does not make up half of the GOP. They make up half of the primary voting base, which is quite problematic, but primary voters are only a fraction of Republicans. Less than a third dude.

And your views on the remaining half, again. WAAAAAAY off. Wealthy people are just as likely to support Democrats as they are Republicans. And the GOP also contains its share of moderates, neo-conservatives, libertarians, etc. The viewpoint you espouse is essentially the Daily Kos view of Republicans, which is just as accurate as the Fox News viewpoint of Democrats in that they're all a bunch of commie godless socialist hippies who want to take your guns away.

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