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Default Re: Top 5 bruning questions about Days of future past

1. Kitty most likely. Rogue can swallow her powers though, or Kitty could just hold and drag her in. Rogue, if she has Juggernaut powers, would be beneficial in the future. You need some muscle there. I think it will be Bishop and Kitty going back, and that wouldn't overshadow the major players from the First Class cast.

2. I think The Wolverine will intimate some DoFP developments. But it is a Japan story so it's not really a platform for a backdrop. Really, I don't see the point of making another Wolverine movie to begin with. Not really significant to DoFP IMO.

3. I still think the Kelly assassination will be the tipping point. Nixon wasn't assassinated and it certainly won't be to prevent his impeachment either. We may not get all the answers here, but the events set into motion leading into DoFP will involve Dinklage and other humans not yet named.

4. I think 40/100 minute split 2013/1973 will suffice.

5. I think Kitty and someone else end up going back to pair with Beast and young Xavier. I think Banshee and Havok are done. Maybe they come back in the sequel to this film as teachers in the school. We may get some mutants not featured thus far. I'm am good with any combo above sans Wolverine.

I think the Brotherhood is the Big 2, and Azazel will be recasted. Don't forsee anyone else at this point. Creed is another possibility but one which I don't feel is very likely.

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