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Default Re: Top 5 bruning questions about Days of future past

Originally Posted by Sentinel X View Post
It doesn't really have to be Senator Kelly, Stryker Sr. would do. Or maybe just any sort of politician.

But you're right. I guess they can do physical time travel. Although there would still be an issue -- the first class X-men still don't know Rogue or Kitty being that they're not born yet. Why of all people would the future X-men decide to bring someone who wasn't even born yet and whom they don't know? Not to mention, I think physical time travel will remove part of the charm of the original story. It was interesting having to watch a character convince her teammates that she had psychically time traveled from the future.
I expect a generic politician, myself. Or, if Peter Dinklage's character is the main villain of the future - have the assassination attempt be on his politician father, whose death caused his son to grow up to become a mutant-hater, with sentinels. Or something to that effect.

Well, that's the thing, really. The FC team consists of Xavier and Beast. Unless they send back Magneto... there isn't really anyone they can send back who the '73 team would know.

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